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The Evolution of Canine Social Behavior & The Brave New World of Dog Training

Presented by Roger Abrantes

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Friday - The Evolution Of Canine Social Behavior

These classic and most popular talk and seminars, in their much updated versions, are a comprehensive introduction into the world of canine communication.

All aspects of canine communication are shown by means of slides or film. Aggression, fear, dominance, submission, friendliness, with all their multitude of expressions, are shown and explained in wolves, jackals, foxes, cape hunting dogs, dingos, coyotes and dogs.

Talk and seminars are also a comparative study of canine and human behavior based on Roger Abrantes' book of the same title.

Saturday & Sunday - The Brave New World of Dog Training - Science with a Brain and a Heart

Science is one thing, the other is how to use it. Science is the product of the brain of a highly emotional being.
  • Can we combine science with affection?
  • Can we turn our dog training into a scientific exercise for our brains and a caring adventure for our hearts?
  • Can we be scientific and objective and still leave our personal print on our training?
  • Can we be efficient and affectionate?
Dog training has became more scientific, but also more anonymous, in the last decades. Our dog training lost personality.

Dr. Abrantes thinks it is possible to combine brain and heart and he explains it his new 2011 talks and seminars. Talks and seminars are the result of meticulously performed research projects and, not least, the result of the experiences of a man who travelled the world, the eye-opening cultural challenges he met and the sense of perspective it all gave him.

Using multimedia presentations, even if these talk and seminars deal with complex issues, Dr Abrantes presents the topics in plain English. Talk and seminar are therefore suited to both the experienced and knowledgeable trainer as well as the novice dog owner.

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Cost:$300 for all 3 days
Date:May 27 - 29, 2011
Time:9:00AM - 5:00PM
Location:Narnia Pet Behavior & Training, Inc
10143 Clow Creek Rd
Plainfield, Il 60585