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Roger Abrantes, PhD

Roger Abrantes

Roger Abrantes PhD in Evolutionary Biology and Ethology, and BA in Philosophy, DHC, DF, MAPBC, born in Portugal in 1951, has lived most of his life in Denmark.He is the author to 17 books in English, German, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, and Czech, and innumerous articles on behavior. He is probably one of the most versatile ethologists in the world.

His work ranges from lecturing at the Etologisk Institute, where he is the scientific director, to appearances as guest lecturer in universities world wide, popular talks, treatment of behavior problems, as well as teaching canine and human behavior to police officers.

He has written popular books with sound advice to pet owners as well as theoretical scientific dissertations. He teaches ethology, anthropology, and epistemology (theory of knowledge), besides his practical work with dogs and horses.