Narnia Pet Behavior and Training, Inc.

Chicken Camp 101 & 201

Presented by: Terry Ryan

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Chicken Camp 101 (April 2012)


Exercises include observing and graphing (ethogram) chicken behavior. We'll explore how chickens acquire, store and process information. We'll practice mechanical skills with special attention to timing and eye-hand coordination. Lessons include systematic desensitization, capturing a behavior, shaping a behavior and the use of targets. We'll work on a three or four-component discrimination and conduct extinction trials.

Chicken Camp 203 (September 27 - 28, 2012)


Note: Chicken Camp 101 is a prerequisite for Chicken Camp 203


Chicken Camp 201 (September 29 - 30, 2012)


Note: Chicken Camp 101 is a prerequisite for Chicken Camp 201


You'll practice making quick decisions based on rapidly changing behavioral criteria. You'll work on stimulus control. You will explore a variety of effective cueing techniques, work on good timing and learn appropriate ways to install cues.

Registration Information
Cost:2 day working spot - $300
Cost:2 day auditing spot - $150
Date:Chicken Camp 203: September 27 - 28, 2012
Chicken Camp 201: Sept. 29 - 30, 2012
Time:9:00AM - 5:00PM
Location:Narnia Pet Behavior and Training, Inc.
10143 Clow Creek Road
Plainfield, IL 60585