Narnia Pet Behavior and Training, Inc.


Training since 2018

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Narnia's goal is to help strengthen the bond between human and dog by providing a common language. Narnia provides family pet training and behavior consultation and modification using positive reinforcement.


BS Special Education: Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Illinois State University - 2003
Masters Degree in Visual Impairments - Northern Illinois University - 2009
English Learners Endorsement - St. Francis University - 2014
Recalls - September 2021
by Susan Garrett
Pharmacological Intervention - September 2021
by Dr Ellen Lindell
Solving Separation Anxiety - September 2021
by Malena DeMartini
Excitability - September 2021
by Pat Miller
Integrating a Dogs Wants, Needs, Capabilities and Temperament - June 2021
by Suzanne Clothier
Sociability vs Aggression Threshold in Dogs - May 2018
by Sue Sternberg