Narnia Pet Behavior and Training, Inc.


Training since 2003

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Narnia's goal is to help strengthen the bond between human and dog by providing a common language. Narnia provides family pet training and behavior consultation and modification using positive reinforcement.

Membership and Certifications

  • Hinsdale Humane Society Volunteer 2003 - Present


  • APDT Rally Champion Level 1, RL1X, 2006
  • APDT Rally Level 2, RL2, 2006
  • APDT Rally Level 2 Award of Excellence, 2006
  • APDT 2006 Rally Achievement Top 20 - RL2 & Any Individual Championship, ranked 19
  • APDT Rally Level 1, RL1, 2005
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate, 2003

Professional Education

Sociabiliity vs Aggression Threshold in Dogs - May 2018
by Sue Sternberg
Dog Training and Behavior Basics: Mini Series - September 2017
by Allie Bender
Non-Food Reinforcers & Complex Training Tools, Social Animals & Aggression Reduction - July 2017
by Ken Ramirez
Separation Anxiety & Dog-Dog Play - August 2012
by Nicole Wilde
Chicken Camp 101 - April 2012
by Terry Ryan
Behavior Adjustment Training for Fear and Aggression - September 2011
by Grisha Stewart
Using Classical Conditioning in the Treat of Aggression & Anxiety - July 2011
by Ken Ramirez & Kathy Sdao
The Brave New World of Dog Training, Science with a Brain and a Heart - May 2011
by Dr. Roger Abrantes
Alternative Approaches to Healing Canine Health & Behavior - May 2011
by Nicole Wilde
Solutions for Everyday (& Not so Everyday) Behavior Problems - November 2010
by Pat Miller
The Well Adjusted Dog Workshop - April 2010
by Dr. Nicholas Dodman
Constraints on Learning - July 2009
by Dr. Ian Dunbar
Raising the Bar in Dog Training - July 2009
by Dr. Ian Dunbar
Play Time: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - April 2008
by Pia Silvani
Tellington Touch Bodywork - September 2007
by Claudine McAuliffe
Helping the Fearful Dog - March 2007
by Nicole Wilde
Making In Home Training a Success - June 2006
by Nicole Wilde
Orientation and Head Start Lessons - March 2006
by Terry Ryan
Training and Behavior - October 2005
by Pia Silvani
Training and Shelter Dog Seminar - March 2004
by Sue Sternberg
Advanced Dog Behavior - September 2003
by Particia McConnell, PhD
The Skill Master: Becoming a Better Trainer - March 2003
by Pia Silvani