Narnia Pet Behavior and Training, Inc.


Training since 2014

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Narnia's goal is to help strengthen the bond between human and dog by providing a common language. Narnia provides family pet training and behavior consultation and modification using positive reinforcement.


BS Deaf Education - MacMurray College - 1978
AS Interpreting for the Deaf - Waubonsee Community College - 1983
Sociabiliity vs Aggression Threshold in Dogs - May 2018
by Sue Sternberg
Non-Food Reinforcers & Complex Training Tools, Social Animals & Aggression Reduction - July 2017
by Ken Ramirez
Decoding the Fearful Dog, A Sound Beginning - Feburary 2016
by Dr John Ciribassi and Steve Dale
Talk to the Paw! Understanding what dogs are really saying and what we're saying to them. - September 2014
by Nicole Wilde
Crucial, Cutting Edge and Common Sense Concepts in Dog Behavior and Training - September 2013
by Ian Dunbar
A Sound Beginning: Setting the Right Tone for Your Newly Adopted Dog - March 2013
by Pat Ratray, Julie Dorsey-Oskerka & Rebecca Cann
Helping Fearful Dogs, Seperation Anxiety, Dog - Dog Play - August 2012
by Nicole Wilde