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Alternative Approaches to Healing Canine Health and Behavior

Presented by: Nicole Wilde

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Most of us are familiar with treating canine health issues through traditional veterinary medicine, and behavior problems via training and behavior modification. But there are other useful modalities that can be amazingly useful when used in conjunction with those treatments. Why limit the good you can do for dogs? Come and learn about some fascinating alternative approaches to healing canine health and behavior.

The morning session begins with an informative overview of how vibrational, energy-based healing methods work. We'll then focus on specific ways in which flower essences can affect dogs. For example, did you know that the Bach Flower Essence "Beech" can help dogs who are intolerant of other dogs, or that the Masters Essence “Grape” is excellent for dogs who have been abandoned or abused? You'll receive extensive handouts, and participate in a group exercise that will teach you how to choose the proper flower essences to address specific behavior issues.

After a brief, intriguing segment on how music can help dogs to relax and heal, we'll touch on healing with color. The color spectrum consists of a variety of wavelengths, and each color has a specific effect on both dogs and people. You will discover which colors energize, which calm, and which can heal various ailments. You will also learn how to apply them with your dog.

The afternoon is dedicated to the emerging field of hands-on energy healing. You will hear about research studies, and learn simple, effective techniques to rebalance a dog’s energy and to clear blockages. A dog whose energies are in balance will experience improved health and display better behavior. You will see, through video segments of hands-on healing sessions with dogs, the effects that are possible with this type of treatment. In the extensive experiential portion that follows, you will be taught to sense and move energy--no previous experience is necessary! Through guided practice with fellow attendees, you will learn practical applications for working with your own dogs and others. You'll learn how energy healing can calm dogs in a variety of situations, and how it can help with health issues, as well as behavior issues such as fear and aggression.

Even those who are deeply skeptical have come away from this seminar with a new respect for what these healing modalities can accomplish, and many have successfully used them to help their dogs. Taking an alternative approach to helping dogs can literally be a life-changing experience!

Here are some emails and comments from previous attendees.

Dear Nicole,

Homer passed peacefully some time last night after I went to bed. He had DM that he stoically endured but finally couldn't support himself. He was bedridden for the last week. I chose not to euthanize him and instead did energy sessions with him. On Monday night when his breathing became labored, I played "Through a Dog's Ear," and did a meditative energy session with him. Following that, his breathing eased and he passed the night comfortably. Early yesterday morning (around 5:30), I did an intense session that seemed to clear a very heavy field around him. After that he was very calm and comfortable all day until he passed. During that session, I realized that the energy was balancing his body, I assume in preparation for his transition. That gave me a lot of comfort and I hope it did for him, too. I'm so grateful that I had this time with him, difficult as it was ... and is to lose him. Thank you for sharing your gift at the seminar last month. It meant the world to me to be able to assist in Homer's passing in such a positive way.

With great appreciation,
Flavia Potenza

Hi Nicole,

I'm not sure you remember me, we met at a seminar you did in Tampa this summer. You introduced us to energy work there. I haven't done much with it since then. I tried on a few dogs, but didn't get a result. However, yesterday, I met this dog, a rescue, that was just so sad. His new life is going to be wondeful, but you know, I could feel his pain. So, at the end of our session, I pulled up some energy, sat on the floor and waited. Buddy came over, laid down next to me and asked for help. It was amazing! His owner was shocked, said he never did any of those things before. I have to admit, I was surprised too. But what a great feeling. Thank you for guiding me to being able to help this dog and hopefully more in the future. All my best, -- Cissy Sumner, CPDT-KA

“Your weekend of seminars at Wood Green in England were brilliant... most thought provoking and though I have always been a sceptic, I was blown away by the experiences and am determined to find out more.” (U.K. 9/08) “The videos were great and made it so REAL. Thanks! I learned a lot more than I expected in a one day seminar. I will be using this starting tonight.” (Atlanta, GA 9/09)

"Nicole, you have turned a skeptic into a believer!" - Maureen H. (St. Petersburg, FL 8/09)

"I enjoyed most the beautiful way the whole presentation was delivered in a simple, non-technical, easy to understand way. I enjoyed least that it only lasted one day. Come back soon!" (U.K. 9/08)

"I loved the hands on work. It was so cool to experience the sensations personally. And I love Nicole’s enthusiasm and easy-to-talk-to personality." (St. Petersburg, FL 8/09)

"Loved the Toby & Matt analyses (flower essences) and the energy exercises, particularly the sweeping and sending energy to another." - anonymous seminar evaluation (Los Angeles, CA 8/09)

"I came in to this workshop VERY skeptical and I am leaving much less so. Thank you!" (Atlanta GA 9/09)

"I appreciated Nicole's inspiration, genuine attitude, and sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience. I think Nicole Wilde is a great, gorgeous person. She is an inspiration. Thank ya, deary! XXX" (U.K. 9/08)

"Unbelievably informative—fascinating—I am so excited about what I have learned and experienced!" (St. Petersburg, FL 8/09)

"I loved learning to tap into my energy. I can't wait to try this with my dogs!" (U.K. 9/08)

"Job well done! Great speaker, funny, entertaining, well spoken. Very well organized. Could have been much longer and would’ve kept my interest." (Los Angeles 8/09)

"Presenter makes things very clear, fabulous lecture and videos. Brilliant handouts. Great to watch such a positive presenter who loves what she does. Very inspiring." (U.K. 9/08)

"My favorite thing was the feeling of understanding something that comes naturally, feeling a little more sure of natural energy. It was excellent. Please come back!" (U.K. 9/08)

"Fascinating, thought-provoking. Very helpful handouts, and really appreciate references for direction of further study. A brilliant day!" (U.K. 9/08)

"To cover so much in a day was impressive. And fantastic handouts. A lot of work for you but absolutely worthwhile. Congratulations!" (U.K. 9/08)

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Date:May 15, 2011
Time:9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Location:Narnia Pet Behavior and Training, Inc.
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