Narnia Pet Behavior and Training, Inc.

Creative Client Coaching

Presented by: Nicole Wilde

About Nicole

This fun-filled, interactive seminar will help you to become a better coach to your clients. You will learn techniques to communicate more clearly, increase motivation, gain compliance, and solve problems creatively. Both dogs and humans will become better trained, and coaching will become a smoother, more pleasant experience for you as well.

You will get plenty of tips and techniques for working with clients (even the difficult ones!), learn how to handle challenging training situations, and view plenty of creative games you can play in private sessions and group classes to make learning more fun for everyone.

Nicole's seminars are high-energy, interactive, and always entertaining. So get ready for a fun and informative learning experience!

Registration Information
Date:May 3, 2009
Time:9 am - 4:30 pm
Location:Narnia Pet Behavior and Training, Inc.
10143 Clow Creek Road
Plainfield, IL 60585